Graph of the Day: Private School Day Tuition vs. Public School Expenditures (Boston Metro 2009)

School Finance 101

I’ve written extensively in the past about private school tuition and expenditures.

Here is a link to a report on private school expenditures I produced in 2009.

The graph below is actually stacked heavily in favor of showing that public schools have higher spending than private schools. Why? Because I am comparing private school tuition to public school total expenditures per pupil.

TUITION DOES NOT COVER TOTAL COSTS AND DOES NOT REPRESENT TOTAL SPENDING. The tuition figures included below include only DAY SCHOOL TUITION (or day component for boarding schools) which is only a share of current operating expenditures.

That out of the way, let’s take a look at the distribution of day tuition for the 57 private schools identified in 2009 by Boston Magazine as the “best” in the Boston Metro – broadly defining the Boston Metro (extending pretty far out). These schools collectively serve over 24,000 students…

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